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Theft, Vandalism and Health and Safety neglect cause the UK’s construction & demolition industry to suffer millions of pounds worth of losses each year. These costs relate to not only the crimes themselves but also the resulting financial penalties, such as increased insurance premiums and project delays. Factors such as the constant turnover of staff, the mobility of the workforce and the temporary nature of project work make the industry an easy target for both opportunistic petty criminals and serious organised crime.

Greg Olenczuk CiiSCM is a qualified and experienced Security Manager & Risk Consultant who has advised and provided a specialised service to multiple major infrastructure, CNI and large-scale construction & demolition projects. His skill set and experience within the security and business sectors allow him to understand exactly what you need to achieve within your company when operating in uncertain or challenging environments.

Whether it's security personnel or systems, physical barriers or tailored security documentation he can provide holistic and bespoke risk mitigation to ensure your business and it's contained assets continue to operate and progress successfully regardless of the risk.

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